Onno Bistro is a contemporary Lebanese-Armenian bistro serving some of Lebanon’s finest food to clientele from home and abroad.

For over 30 years Onno Bistro has been serving Lebanese-Armenian specialties like mante, soubereg and ras asfour karaz, and infusing these classics with our passion for home cooked dishes. Authentic, down to earth, our food is loved by top food critics such as Anthony Bourdain and Shane Delia.

Founded in 1985, by Karnigue Nigolian, Onno Bistro has always been a story about great food. With its strong roots in Beirut, Onno Bistro is inspired by a love of classic Armenian-Lebanese cuisine. Family-friendly, warm and inviting, we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere, fantastic food and friendly staff.

Using only the freshest, natural ingredients, Onno Bistro strives to serve contemporary Lebanese-Armenian dishes inspired by Lebanon and Armenia’s vibrant heritage. A unique cuisine, Lebanese-Armenian dishes blend the famed mezze of Lebanon with the distinctive flavors of Armenia, the result is something special.


Onno Bistro caters to all in a relaxed setting. With new branches planned in Lebanon and further afield, Onno Bistro strives to offer up fantastic food cooked with love and pride to Beirut and beyond.