What is Onno Bistro?

Onno Bistro is an authentic Lebanese-Armenian restaurant serving a combination of Armenian and Lebanese dishes in a smart-casual / semi-formal environment. Onno Bistro focuses on delicious, home cooked dishes with an authentic Lebanese-Armenian background and inspiration, creating a menu that mixes the two national cuisines without becoming a “fusion” experience.
Originally opened in 1976, Onno Bistro has been serving quality Armenian-Lebanese dishes to those in the know for 40 years and is now comprised of three branches within Lebanon. Our food is prepared by cooks and chefs with either an Armenian background, or extensive training and all our dishes follow family recipes to ensure an authentic, individual taste.
Onno Bistro’s vision is to spread the love and appreciation for Armenian cuisine throughout the Middle East and beyond. While Arabic food is well loved, there is a distinct lack of casual options that bring our cuisine into the modern era in an approachable, relaxed manner. Onno Bistro aims to deliver authentic Armenian-Lebanese dishes in a contemporary, bistro setting in order to appeal to both older and younger clientele.
Onno Bistro serves customers of all ages and from all backgrounds. Our friendly, welcoming staff and casual environment mean that we have young and old, businessmen and families and couples dining with us at any given time.

Will I have an exclusive territory?

Yes, upon agreeing to a Master Franchise scheme; Onno Bistro offers both Master Franchises and Location-to-Location Franchises. The Master Franchise is comprised of a minimum of three locations and grants the franchisee exclusive rights within their country.

What are the intial levels of investment?

The initial franchise fee for one location is 250,000 USD. The initial franchise fee for the Master Franchise is 600,000 USD.

What royalty fees must a franchisee pay?

Onno Bistro franchisees pay 7% on gross sales, net of sales tax.

Is financing available?

Onno Bistro does not offer financing services, the franchisee must provide all financing.

Who will build my location?

While franchisees will work with a local contractor that they hire, Onno Bistro’s interior design team will provide detailed blueprints that meet our specifications and provides franchisees with a beautiful and functional restaurant.

How long does the opening process typically take?

While every case is different, the typical length of time between signing the franchise agreement, approval of the location, and the opening of a new business is between 4 and 12 months.

How much training is provided by Onno Bistro?

Initial assistance is provided by Onno Bistro and includes the following franchisee training programs:

Phase 1

Onno Bistro management will provide franchisees with approximately 6-8 weeks of initial training at Onno Bistro locations in Lebanon, at the headquarters in Beirut, or in an alternative location. This training will be operational, sales, marketing and administrative in nature, it will also include a liberal amount of on the job training. In addition, our kitchen team will train one chef.

Phase 2

Phase 2 training will take place at the franchisee’s location. Experienced personnel from Onno Bistro will provide intensive training on location for 10-20 days prior to the opening date.

What time period does the franchise agreement cover?

The initial franchise agreement covers a 10-year period. There are two renewal options of five years each, resulting in a potential total of 20 years. All agreements, including the renewal options, are subject to Onno Bistro’s agreement and are dependent upon performance.

What operational support does Onno Bistro offer?

Onno Bistro’s management provides ongoing training and support in many areas that are critical to the success of the franchisee’s business, including unit operations, customer service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines and administrative procedures. Site selection is a key element to Onno Bistro’s support of our franchisees and prior to approving a site, Onno management will provide franchisees with clear guidelines regarding suitable locations.

Marketing Support

Onno management support franchisees with marketing templates and plans designed by the head office for use at the local or regional level. The management retains the right to approve all local advertising materials that the franchisee chooses to develop.

Field Support / Visits

One of our corporate team members will visit franchisee locations once every three months for a review of operations, marketing, profit and loss during the first year of operation. Field visits will continue to take place once every six months from the second year onwards as long as the franchise is under operation. The franchisees will also have access to Onno Bistro’s management and head chef whenever required and particularly in order to deal with unforeseen issues. .

Accounting / Audit / Legal

Franchisees must report to Onno Bistro’s accounting and legal team and must give the accounting department access to financial reports at all times and support auditing by Onno Bistro at any time.

Ongoing Research and Development

Onno Bistro management continues to undertake research and development on methods and techniques for a robust franchise operation, including purchasing and promotional schemes that enhance unit level profitability.

Do franchisees need to have any experience in F&B?

F&B experience is a plus, but not a must.

What is the next step?

Simply complete the franchisee evaluation form and return it to us. We will contact you upon receipt of the completed application.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have questions, or would like to talk to a representative, you can contact us on